I AM BLESSED: Heavenly Hydration Oil For Skin and Hair
I AM BLESSED: Heavenly Hydration Oil For Skin and Hair
I AM BLESSED: Heavenly Hydration Oil For Skin and Hair
I AM BLESSED: Heavenly Hydration Oil For Skin and Hair

I AM BLESSED: Heavenly Hydration Oil For Skin and Hair

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I Am Blessed, our signature Skin and Hair Hydration Oil, made with two simple ingredients to prevent irritation and clogged pores. Moringa Tree Oil that is packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins that help combat dryness, dullness, and signs of aging. And Blue Lotus Oil, known for its calming and rejuvenating qualities. It works to restore skin's natural balance. Together, these ingredients infuse your skin with deep hydration, leaving it smooth, soft, and glowing.

Our Egyptian Blue Lotus Oil  is extracted from the majestic blue lotus flowers of the Nymphaea caerulea, native to Egypt and Indian subcontinent. Considered as one of the most rare and precious extracts, Blue Lotus Absolute Oil is a wonderful meditation aid, opening Chakras (specifically the Third Eye) and dispelling negative emotions and thoughts, aiding one on their spiritual path.

Bless your skin and hair

  • Moisturizes the Skin and Hair
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Helps Reduce Premature Aging

simple ingredients, advanced benefits

Moringa Oleifera 

Moringa Tree OIl

High in oleic acid, this magnificent oil nourishes even the driest of hair and skin. It is gentle safe for all skin types. The oleic acid even acts as a barrier to seal in the moisture of you hair and skin, providing long lasting nourishment that other oils wont.

Read more about the benefits of Moringa Oil

Blue Water lily

egyptian blue lotus oil

Known for its hydrating and moisturizing qualities, blue lotus oil also assists your skin and hairs ability to hold on to moisture, resulting in softer, smoother skin & hair. It is also rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, quercetin, & phytosterols. These antioxidants help fight free radicals that can harm your skin and hair cells resulting in wrinkles and premature aging.

Read more here about Blue Lotus Benefits

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Amazing Results. My hair thanks you! The weather is so cold where I am and it makes my hair brittle and flakey. This oil has been a life saver as we get closer to winter!

Julia Kremshaw
Buffalo, NY

It fits in my purse and smells LOVELY. I take it everywhere I go!

Renea Williams
Gerogetown, DC

This stuff is so hard to find at a good price, and to know that I'm supporting a good cause makes this purchase a no brainer. Keep up the amaing work BFF, love you guys <3

Dolly Nelson
Des Moines, IA




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