Welcome to the Divine Alignment Retreat
Join us for an unforgettable journey to Amorgos, Greece, from August 20–27, 2024.

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Your Exclusive Experience

Transform your life rapidly with the Atlas Evolution Treatment. This powerful session is included in your Divine Alignment Retreat, administered by Ranan Shahar the creator of Atlas Evolution, or one of his trained certified professionals. In 2 hours you can completely align your spine, which has shown to provide permanent healing for people with neck, back, shoulder, hip or knee pain, scoliosis, migraines, TMJ, allergies or even gut health issues! This is not available anywhere else, and can only be provided by a trained professional, with the Tesla Alignment Machine, utilized advanced technology and skillful precision, you will feel like a new person after this extraordinary experience.

Your Divine Alignment Retreat Experience

Transform your health & vitality with flow state yoga. A revolutionary fusion of vinyasa, kundalini, power & yin yoga combined with Qi gong, thai chi, pilates, dance and wushu for a blissful journey to get into your best shape mind, body and spirit

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Divine Alignment Testimonials


Divine Alignment Retreat Highlights

Fly into Naxos Island or Athens

Fly into Naxos Island or Athens, Greece to take the ferry boat ride to the Aegialis Resort and Spa on Amorgos Island, Greece. (from Naxos ferry is appx 1.5 hours, from Athens the ferry ranges from 4-7 hours) ferry booking info can be found at:

The Ferry Boat takes you through a nautical tour of the cyclades islands, across the magical mystical Aegean Sea. Upon arrival, take the transfer from the ferry to the hotel to check into your room at the Aegialis Resort and Spa and get settled for the Divine Alignment Retreat. Those arriving by sunset will meet for dinner and welcome ceremony to meet the others who are coming to the retreat.


You will have been added to the WhatsApp group when you enrolled, so all communication will take place in there, for any questions you may have along your Divine Alignment journey! You should have already scheduled your Divine Alignment Atlas Evolution healing session before arrival, so be sure to show up a few minutes early for the optimal experience of healing, realignment and transformation. This session takes 1-2 hours, and is only performed by a trained professional, so you can rest assured knowing you are in great hands. The sessions will be spread throughout the week, so outside of the sessions, you can enjoy the 5 star spa amenities, go to the ocean, sign up for any of the classes, ceremonies, or experiences that are on the schedule throughout the Resort.

Photos from Our Last Trip

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Divine Alignment Retreat Leaders


International Author, Speaker & Teacher, Dashama is the Founder of Flow State Institute, Bright Future Foundation and host of the Divine Alignment Masterclass. Since 2005 Dashama has impacted over 100 million people world wide with her message of healing, health and happiness. She started her healing journey after being hit by a car in 2000, which caused scoliosis of her spine, doctors told her there was nothing that can be done to heal that. She lived in pain until years later she found Ranan Shahar who helped her heal her scoliosis in 1 hour! This became a part of her message that she has been able to go on and impact over 100 million people world wide online. Her productions have distribution globally through Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, ATT Uverse, Broadband TV, Marriott Hotels, Shangri-la Resorts, Roku, Apple TV, Daily Yoga app + more with a total reach of over 150 million potential daily viewers combined. A media favorite, she has been featured in Vogue Arabia, Teen Vogue, Cosmo Germany, Wall Street Journal, ABC news, Discovery Channel Seeker Stories, Men's Journal, CBS, NBC, Fox, Miami Herald, QVC & HSN. Dashama has worked with global brands such as Nike, GoPro, Vitamix, Puma, Banyan Tree & Waldorf Astoria.

Meet Dashama

Founder of Flow State Institute


Ranan Shahar is a licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Master based in Santa Monica, California with a profound understanding of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. During his extensive travels around the world, Ranan studied in Switzerland with Renee Schuemperli, who developed the "Profilax Technique"- a treatment strictly for the Atlas vertebrae. Ranan fused the best of the "Profilax Technique" with Chinese Acupressure points and years of experience treating thousands of people from North America to Puerto Rico, India, Israel and Australia. The result is Atlas Evolution: one of the world's newest, most unique solutions to finding physical, emotional and spiritual health. Atlas Evolution is really an evolution of Atlas Profilax, giving patients everything the Swiss do with the added bonus of Chinese medicine and specialized work on the sacrum and sphenoid bones. At last the gate between heaven and earth can be opened for maximum health! The Chinese figured out a long time ago how certain accupressure points can relax the short muscles surrounding the bones of the neck, Ranan uses these points to help the Atlas vertebrae return to it's stable position intended by nature. Combined with Atlas Evolution the results are astounding!. Should we say revolutionary!

Ranan Shahar

Creator Atlas Evolution


Bekah, a compassionate healer, will transform your life with a groundbreaking spinal healing method, restoring divine alignment and relieving chronic back pain. Passionate about facilitating healing journeys, Bekah's mission is to bring relief and wellness to all.


Compassionate Healer

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Drawing on over a decade of international business management experience, Alex seamlessly blends her corporate expertise with holistic well-being practices. As a certified sound healer, meditation teacher, mental coach and hypnotherapist, her passion lies in merging these tools and practices into a unique blend of deep soul work. She uses transformative meditations and subconscious programming techniques along with the healing sounds of crystal alchemy bowls to guide individuals in their journey towards their fullest potential.

Alexandra Jud

International Business Management

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Introducing Carolyn, the heart and soul behind Emerald Heart Center, a nonprofit that unites body, mind, and spirit through education, agriculture, and sustainability! As a Registered Nurse, she brings a deep understanding of health, which she enriches as a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Jin Shin Do Acupressure practitioner. Carolyn is dedicated to spreading wellness in all its forms.

Carolyn Carter

Emerald Heart Center

Why Divine Alignment?

Divine Alignment

Your 1-2 hour private Atlas Evolution Healing Treatment is included in your all inclusive retreat package, providing the world's only Tesla Alignment Technology healing sessions administered by Ranan Shahar and his certified and trained professionals, to provide rapid healing through the unique treatment proven to transform your health and vitality permanently.

Daily Yoga & Meditation

After having your spine completely realigned back to its Divine Alignment, you will learn Flow State Yoga routines you can do daily to maintain the posture, to ensure you stay in alignment. This is essential for you to maintain your new alignment, and is also a wonderful way to stay in shape for longevity and vitality.

Dancing and Sound Healing

Let loose and connect with your inner rhythm through dance sessions and immersive sound healing experiences, unlocking layers of emotional and energetic blockages.

Organic Garden-to-Table Meals

Nourish your body with delectable organic meals crafted from locally sourced ingredients, promoting wellness from the inside out.

Access to 5-Star Spa Facilities

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with full access to the renowned spa at Aegialis Resort, offering a range of rejuvenating treatments and therapies to soothe your body and soul. 


Important Things To Know

Discount Offer

Please mention the special coupon code you would have received from whomever referred you to the Divine Alignment Retreat, during your consultation call, to receive your special discount savings .