About Us

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Bright Future Foundation (BFF) is to alleviate the suffering of the world by educating school teachers, families and children, teaching them how to understand their minds and emotions using yoga based practices supported by scientific research by Harvard and Stanford researchers to create a bright future for humanity.

You have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy and ongoing impact that not only improves the health and well being for school children and school teachers, but that creates a future for humanity that we can all be proud and excited to look forward to!

We created the Bright Future Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund to make it easier for you to contribute and to know your generosity is being used in the absolute most beneficial ways.

Through your tax deductible donation, you support a school teacher to have access to our renowned yoga and wellness training and certification program online, so they can share the practices in their classrooms, and your tax deductible donation that helps us solve the mental health crisis in the schools in the USA. You can feel confident knowing you are making an impact helping us solve this critically important situation for our children, families and teachers.

We have big social Impact Goals: In the next 10 years with your support, we aim to offer our science backed wellness solutions to at least 10,000 teachers in schools in the USA.

We also aspire to allocate funds from the endowment fund to produce the Children are the Future documentary film and release it on Netflix to spread hope & awareness for the future of humanity.

Our 20 Year Goal and Mission is to train all 3.3 million school teachers in America, which will require a large team & movement, with ongoing support and financial contributions.

The children are our legacy. This must be a priority for all philanthropists in America.

Please help us spread the word by sharing about our mission to those who may wish to join us.

Who do you know who can support the children are the future initiative?

All contributions are 100% tax deductible to our non profit 501c3 Endowment Fund.

Contact us to learn more or purchase one or more of our bracelets or products. 100% of net proceeds from sales are contributed to the BFF Endowment Fund to provide scholarships & grants to support teachers who wish to enroll in our trainings to share the benefits of these power up practices with their students, children, friends, families & communities.

This is how we will change the world together. One heart and breath at a time.

Blessings and Love,
Founder BFF