Divine Flow Retreat Sierra Nevadas, Colombia august 7-11

Transform Your Life in Paradise

Join us in the vortex of creation for the Divine Flow Retreat!

We will Immerse in the Divine Feminine Beauty Way of Flow, Surrender and Grace.

This path leaves us feeling Full and over flowing.

It allows us to enjoy life while creating the impact and contribution we are here to do.

This is the path of Flow State and the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy.

Men can also join us in this, but we are really focused on supporting the women in our community to access this powerful energy for greater success and flow.

When we let go of the past and our old ways, we allow life to support us+ for miracles to flow.

I have witnessed this time and again over and over in my life and the lives of my clients for 20+ years.

Now it's your turn!!

This is an opportunity for us all to come together and cultivate this energy, while at the same time healing past wounds, traumas, inner child / past life and all the things that hold us back from living our best lives...

There is a viral trend online, they call it Soft Life.

What it means is opposite of the Hard Life!

Life doesn't have to be a struggle. It can be fun, and epic and magical!

Divine Flow retreats offer a combination of daily massages, yoga, breathwork, juices / elixirs, plant medicine / psychedelic medicine, dancing, waterfall hiking and swimming, laughter, hugs, connection with others on the same path and immersion into pristine heavenly nature is the secret combination.

Yoga Teachers & aspiring teachers can earn 100 hours toward your 200 or 500 your certification for attending each retreat

This is a vortex that unlocks the power within you, releasing lifetimes of stuck energy and empowering you to rise to the next level of your being with Ease, Grace + Flow.


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Your Shopify Store Video

We are talking about Quantum Leaping to the Highest Timeline of your Destiny.

And there are limited spaces available for you to join us.

Day 1:

Coca Indigeneous Cleansing welcome ceremony

Day 2:

Temescal Indigeneous sweat lodge purification ceremony

DAY 3:

Rebirthing Ceremony breathwork to release trauma & heal the heart

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DAY 4:

Blue Lotus Ceremony for heart & mind expansion & bliss

DAY 5:

Cacao & Ecstatic Dance of liberation ceremony

Colombia august 7-11

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