You have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy and ongoing impact that not only improves the health and well being for school children and school teachers, but that creates a future for humanity that we can all be proud and excited to look forward to!

We created the Bright Future Foundation to make it easy for you to contribute and to know your generosity is being used in the absolute most beneficial ways.

Through your tax deductible donation you not only gain access to our renowned yoga and wellness training and certification program online, your tax deductible donation also sponsors one teacher (or a school based on the level of donation) to have access to these trainings in the USA. You can feel confident you are making an impact helping us solve this critically important situation for our children and teachers.

Our 2023/24 Impact Goals:  we aim to offer our solutions to an additional 10,000 teachers in schools in the USA as well as. to film the Children are the Future documentary film and release it on Netflix to spread the message of healing, health and hope for humanity.

Our 10-20 Year Goal and Mission is to train all 3.3 million school teachers in America, which will require ongoing support and financial contributions. The children are our legacy. This must be a priority for all philanthropists in America. Who do you know who can support this time sensitive crisis based initiative? All contributions are 100% tax deductible to our non profit 501c3 Endowment Fund.