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July 2014 Donor Letter

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To our donors

July 2014

Allow me to give you a brief progress report of our activities in Mindanao.

After our graduation ceremony in late March, which I attended, the school took summer recess, customary in the Philippines through the end of May.

This afforded us enough time to paint the building inside and out, as well as perform the always necessary repairs. With the ever-present typhoons in mind, we also installed heavy-duty gutters, to guide rainwater away from the foundation, keeping us dry and preventing erosion in our newly-installed herb garden (tended by our children). A week before we resumed classes on June 2, our parents came in to apply the final touches, such as painting the new benches and desks, and the four teachers spent a few days decorating the classrooms again. Last but not least, Maricel, our administrator, took the seven hour bus ride to Davao to buy the fabric for new uniforms for the 215 children enrolled for this year; local tailors then sewed them individually for each child.

We will also continue the women’s health initiative we started last year. Two registered nurses, with presentation material kindly donated by a friend in Cebu, teach our young mothers in classes of twenty each about a variety of issues, including early breast cancer detection.

None of this would have been possible without your past and continued support, and we, the teachers, administration, parents, and of course children, are very grateful, as am I.

As always, you will find more information on our Facebook page, to which I post a few times every week:


Fred W. Schlottmann

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