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February Teacher's Report

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Teacher Betty's February classroom notes

I-The Consonant letters Cc, Qq, Ww, Vv, Yy, Xx and Zz.
II- The pupils learned how to write and pronounce these letters.
III-I showed them pictures that begin with these letters.

   Example: Cc-- pictures of cat, car, cow, candle etc.
                  Qq-- Queen, Quail, 
                  Ww--Watch, window
                  Vv-- Violin,vase,vine
                  Yy-- Yoyo,yatch
                  Xx -- Xylophone, x-ray
                  Zz-- zigzag,zipper,zero
IV- The correct order of the consonant letters.


a. The pupils will write the beginning letter of the following pictures to complete the word.
example: 1. picture of a cat   -- __at
               2. picture of a violin -- __iolin
b. the pupils will color the pictures that begin with the consonant letters Cc, Qq, Ww, Vv,Yy, Xx, Zz
c. They are going to give examples of objects that pronounce alike these letters.
example:   Cc--- as in carabao
                Ww-- as in water
                Vv- as in Vhal (a name of their classmate)
                Yy- as in yellow (a color )
                Xx--as in Xander (a name of their classmate)
                Zz -- as in zebra 
These are the other examples of words that begin with the said consonant letters and these are given by my pupils..
d. Write the missing letters on the blank.
ex. A ___ C ___ E___

We had reviewed the numbers from zero to ten and let them identify the numbers in their own..
I- Fun with numbers 0-10.
II- I took up the lesson of the correct order of the numbers from 0-10.
III- Fun with numbers from 11-15

a. Write the missing number on the blank.
 1 ____ 3 ____ 5 ___ 7 ___ 9 ____
b. The pupils write the numbers 11-15 in their notebook as the teacher say what number.

I- Animals and their young
Example: Cat-kitten                         hen - chicks
               Cow-calf                          duck - duckling
               Dog-puppy                       frog - tadpole
II- Importance of animals 
  a. How do animals help us?
     chicken --  gives us eggs
     cow --  gives us milk
    pig  --  gives us meat
III- How to take good care of the animals
  a. feed them
  b. gives them water to drink
  c. make them fresh and clean 
IV- Animals with 2 legs and animals with 4 legs
Example: Animals with 2 legs               Animals with 4 legs
               a. duck                                   a. dog
               b. bird                                     b. cat
               c. chicken, etc.                        c. horse, etc.
I- Mga Katinig Ww at Yy
II- Ang mga tunog ng bawat isa at kung paano ito isulat.
II- Mga larawang nagsisimula sa mga sumusunod na letra. 

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