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Year End Letter

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December 2012

Dear friends!


Thanks to your support, we have been able to continue educating indigenous children, and those of underprivileged families, again this year. As you know, we teach English to over 200 four- and five-year olds, giving them a head start in the public school system and an advantage throughout their lives.

This year, I have visited MFBP in Mindanao twice, and was accompanied each time by one of our benefactors. During the most recent trip in October, Ron Escopete, one of our directors, was with me. It was his first visit after being there in 2008, when we conceived of the idea. He was as impressed as Mr. Tsuneda was back in May with the progress we have made. Our staff is as dedicated as ever, the core-renovated building provides a safe environment for the children, and the parents are delighted that we are able to continue our effort; the school has become a trusted institution in town.

In October, we managed to interview some parents of children who have graduated from MFBP in past years, and without exception, we were told that the children do exceptionally well in public school now, with most of them being at the top of their classes. In addition to learning basic English, these children have acquired good habits conducive to learning, and the ability to function in an academic environment; without tuition-free MFBP, that would not have been possible for them. Below is a photo of Zabagat and her mom Elvie. Zabagat graduated from MFBP two years ago and is now at the top of her class in public school, two years running. 

Elvie told us that she, as a single mother, could not afford tuition at a private pre-school, and is very grateful for the existence of MFBP. She is also very proud of her daughter's accomplishments, as are we.

There is more information on our website, and on our Facebook page, which features interviews with teachers and parents.


If you have not done so yet, "like" us on our pages and follow us; I post photos, videos, and short text two or three times a week. Should your status in the financial industry, for example, prohibit you from using Facebook, you will find us on Linked In as of early next year.

One last item I must mention: as always, we are in need of your support. Your year-end tax-deductible donation will help us continue to make a difference in these children's lives, and give them the head start needed to succeed in the very difficult economic environment, strife-torn and investment-starved, in Mindanao. The last typhoon that blew through town a few weeks ago killed almost 1000 people and left 100,000 more homeless; fortunately, none of our families or staff were affected, but we did lose part of the roof of the building which must be replaced.  

Among charities we are unique, as you know; we have zero overhead and no fund raising expenses, all administrative and travel cost are borne by myself and all donated monies are used at the school exclusively.

Thank you in advance, on behalf of all at MFBP, and best wishes for this holiday season. 

Fred W. Schlottmann

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