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To our donors, July 2014

Allow me to give you a brief progress report of our activities in Mindanao:

After our graduation ceremony in late March, which I attended, the school took summer recess, customary in the Philippines through the end of May. This afforded us enough time to paint the building inside and out, as well as perform the always necessary repairs. With the ever-present typhoons in mind...

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December 2012

Dear friends! 


Thanks to your support, we have been able to continue educating indigenous children, and those of underprivileged families, again this year. As you know, we teach English to over 200 four- and five-year olds, giving them a head start in the public school system and an advantage throughout their lives.

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Lhaurianne Togoyon graduated from the Mangagoy Free Beneficial PreSchool in March 2011. Click the title above to learn more about her story!

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In late October 2012, BrightFuture board members Ron Escopete and Fred Schlottmann attended The Freight Summit conference at the Venetian in Macao. TFS is a gathering of over 300 shipping professionals from every continent, and thus gave Foundation an opportunity to access a broad and diverse audience of potential supporters. The organizers also pledged an amount per attendee as a donation to Brightfuture. In individual meetings, Ron and Fred were able to acquire additional individual sponsors for some of the school’s children, thus ensuring their "bright future" for the coming year.

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