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BrightFuture will be attending the CLN conference, taking place in Pattaya, Thailand, March 11-15, 2013.  This freight industry conference is open to members only and a few selected freight forwarders.  The organizers of the conference have pledged a fixed amount to BrightFuture, and have also given the foundation the opportunity to meet with dozens of potential supporters.

Here is Teacher Betty's home room report for February.  Click the link above to see the details of what was covered in the areas of English, Math, Science, and Filipino.

"All the topics for this year are already done. I am very very happy to see my pupils with knowledge. I see their improvements in their selves. They already know how to write, how to identify, how to count. And for that sir I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you sir for giving me the chance to meet these pupils and share my methods of teaching to them and for giving these pupils opportunity to learn in their young age. Our school is a BIG HELP for these children. As of now I am teaching them how to read in their remaining weeks for this year by introducing to them the ABAKADA.. That's the first step to teach them how to read. We are also starting to prepare for the up coming graduation day."

Royal Cargo Combined Logistics has chosen the BrightFuture Foundation to be a beneficiary of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, donating a certain amount for every completed 2012 customer survey.

"On behalf of the Royal Cargo Group of Companies, we are pleased to inform you that your organization, the BrightFuture Foundation’s Mangagoy Free Beneficial Pre-school (MFBP),
was chosen to be our beneficiary for our 2012 Customer Survey.
As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs, we allocated a certain amount for every completed survey. The total amount that we gathered out of the said activity will be solely given to MFBP."

December 2012

Dear friends! 


Thanks to your support, we have been able to continue educating indigenous children, and those of underprivileged families, again this year. As you know, we teach English to over 200 four- and five-year olds, giving them a head start in the public school system and an advantage throughout their lives.

Click "Year End Letter" above to the

Lhaurianne Togoyon graduated from the Mangagoy Free Beneficial PreSchool in March 2011. Click the title above to learn more about her story!

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