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Brightfuture Foundation Mindanao is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization registered in California. All US donations are tax-deductible. Click to view the exempt letters from the IRS and the State of California.

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide free education to people in underprivileged areas. Currently, the Foundation manages and financially maintains two schools, the Mangagoy Free Beneficial Preschool (MFBP) in the Philippines.

MFBP is a school in the remote Philippine city of Bislig. MFBP offers free English instruction to approximately 250 underprivileged, preschool-aged children. It employs a paid staff of seven: five certified teachers, one administrator, and one caretaker. In addition to free tuition, the school provides uniforms and books for the students and staff, pays for continuing education for the teachers, and holds events involving children and parents at mid-year and at graduation.

All donations are earmarked for project-related expenses. US-based activities are performed pro bono by the directors. The directors receive no compensation, and all administrative and communication costs are donated by Fred Schlottmann.

The Foundation’s board of directors oversees the operations of the organization and provides leadership and strategic direction. Each director brings unique skills and experiences to the task of supporting the mission of the BrightFuture Foundation.

Fred Schlottmann
(President and Chairman of the Board)

Fred immigrated to the United States in 1975 from Germany and was active in international shipping until mid-2010 when Cargo One, a company he founded in 1986, was sold to NTL Naigaitrans of Osaka, Japan. The business called for regular travel to every continent, and his curiosity led him to look beyond the usual business meetings and dinners, learning about the living conditions of the less-well-to-do in many countries.

In 1994, he found himself in Bhadohi, India, a carpet-weaving town where many young children worked at the looms rather than attending school. A year later, he had started a school there, and within a few years, the Basic Education Centre of Bhadohi grew to 300 K-12 students being taught by ten teachers. When Cargo One was sold and thus could no longer finance the effort, he located another sponsor who promised financial support through at least 2025. Since his retirement from Cargo One, Fred has devoted much of his time to the administration and development of BrightFuture, the Mangagoy Free Beneficial Preschool.

Ronald Escopete

Ron is a transportation and logistics professional, born and raised in San Francisco, CA, abd residing in Los Angeles. His first job in the shipping industry at the age of 16 provided the opportunity to work in many facets of the industry from physically loading rail/shippings containers to managing global logistics programs. This exposure gave him an opportunity to see many parts of the globe and appreciate the cultures and world we live in.

Of Filipino descent, Ron has always maintained close ties with the Philippines. He had learned not only from his parents who immigrated over 40 years ago, but from frequent first hand travels and visits to the Philippines. He has known all his life that there was something different about being Filipino and no matter what the circumstances are, or economic resources a Filipino has, the people always remain the eternal optimists. Ron continues to maintain close ties with his extended family through business as well as through BFF.

Patter Hellstrom

Abstract and prismatic works by San Francisco based artist Patter Hellstrom invoke the beauty of calligraphic brush painting. Through acrylic ink and a slick polypropylene surface, Hellstrom unlocks a current of color and emotion as she walks the tight rope between balance and chaos. Hellstrom’s loose and confident brushwork emphasizes the beauty of a simple stroke. Encompassing themes of impermanence, compassion, stability, and interdependence, the centerlines hold despite disruptions of splashed color and textured brushwork, suggesting stability within chaos and a curious interdependence between two forces.

Coupled with her liberal use of vibrant colors, Hellstrom’s works recall Asian calligraphic traditions that inspire the artist. She studied brush painting with a master painter in Nantong, China. India influenced her palette, as she traveled to remote villages in Bihar as a guest artist at the Mithila Art Institute, twenty miles from the Nepal border. Subsequently, both regions and cultures have made a lasting impression on Hellstrom’s art practice. Given the international focus of her work and her interest in education for girls and women, Hellstrom was invited to join the BrightFuture board, assisting with initial logo design and aesthetic of the website.

Patter Hellstrom Visual Art
Patter Hellstrom’s Sublime Choreographies of the Centered Self
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