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In May of 2008 two friends were exploring Mindanao in the Philippines and ended up staying in Bislig for a few days. Seeing a defunct Montessori school, they decided to see whether they could do there what they had done in India: build a school for underprivileged children. With the help of the receptionist at the local hotel, the only person they knew in town, they found a business school graduate with English skills to help them make the school a reality. They located the owner of the former school building, and negotiated (primarily by phone and SMS) a three-year lease. A carpenter was hired to build furniture, the space was thoroughly cleaned, debugged, and painted, and the first two teachers were hired.

In September of 2008, classes began with two teachers and one administrator, teaching English to 65 underprivileged pre-school age children in four sessions each Saturday and Sunday.  The school continued to grow, and today over 200 children are taught by four certified teachers, who are assisted by one caretaker and the original administrator.
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